SDR 1110: Pick Your Battles

If you have not yet realised, there are many things in this world that requires assistance. Your assistance. If you do, you would then find that there are a couple of things that you would like to be involved with. However, you will soon realise that you need to make a choice. To decide which battles you want to take up and the ones you need to leave behind, at least for now. This would be a tough decision for some of you but one that needs to be made regardless. To facilitate this process, you might want to take into account the time factor – how long is needed, etc. – and how big or small the impact is going to be. There are also some who prefers to follow their instincts and hearts. Regardless, they have to be right for you. And if they aligned with your life goals, that is a winner.

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SDR 1059: The More Successful You Are, The More Humble You Need To Be

You might think that you will never be that person. The one who forgets his roots. But you never really know, do you? You can only hope and pray that it does not happen. The more successful you are, the more humble you need to be. And that is something that you need to remind yourself constantly. Even before you have achieved what you are setting out to achieve. Do not wait till then to be humble. Practise humility now. There will always be someone that is better than you. Do not be discouraged by that. Instead let that be a reminder to you to continue to strive hard. Sometimes being at the top of your game tempts you to want to take it easy once in a while. Just know that while you are doing that, others are only working harder. And that eventually adds up.

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SDR 1057: To Live The Life That You Want To Live, It Must Be Practised Consciously And Consistently

Everyone of us at some point had a dream or at least an idea of how they want to live. Most start out with their own ideal ways but more often than not, eventually find themselves living quite differently from them. To some extent, this has been accepted by the general public as is. And that, is unfortunate. Dreams are meant to be pursued, not just something good to have at one point in your life. If you really do want to make it work, you need to practise living how you want to live, consciously and consistently. Continually remind yourself so that you are always aware what it is. And have the discipline to diligently carry out what you must do in order to live your ideal way consistently.

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You Can Still Come Back To The Right Path

If you are reading this, it simply means that you got time on your side. But it sure does not tell you when it is going to be up. Whether we intended for it to happen or not, sometimes even the best of us find ourselves at a loss. Particularly in our sense of direction in life. You figure that you are in too deep, beyond saving. But that is just your mind playing tricks on you. As long as you got your breathe still going fine, you got time. Time to get back on track. Back on the right path. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

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Don’t Ignore Your Own Self

There are a lot of problems, issues and injustice in the world. They come in various sizes and complexity levels. People from all over the world do their best to lend a helping hand. They make sacrifices with respect to time, money and energy to do so. In the pursuit of helping others in need, we tend to blur the lines of our priorities. These seemingly harmless attitude at the time will only serve to backfire if left unchecked. Yes, there are a lot of things that needs to be done and you might have the capability to do so. However, time and time again, there is a need to do some assessment and evaluation of our lives. And what many of those who are doing good work for the betterment of the society at large tends to suffer from, is an acute lack of self care. Putting others before themselves have moved from becoming a powerful slogan to an actual part of their lives. It is more than just a sense of pride that gets attached to the idea but something that is just is. However, in order to continue to be able to do good work, you need to take care of the most important person – yourself. Because if your cup is not full and over flowing, how can you then fill someone else’s up? So fit yourself into your to-do list and calendar. Do the things that lift you up and make you grow. When you actively do so, you will realise that you have an abundance in you that is craving to be channeled. And that is where sustainable form of service begins.

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Become The Guy That Others Want To Know

We are often told that to make it in this world, it is not about what we know but rather, who we know. Admittedly there is much truth to that. Would you rather do business or simply help some random stranger or say with a friend or at least, an acquantaince? So there’s really no point to moan about that. However, if you are not blessed with the ‘right’ connections at birth or perhaps the schools that you went to, it is not the end of the world. There are tons of events, conferences, seminars, heck, social media to connect with those people. However, keep in mind though, regardless of how great your connections are, if you are not someone deserving, you’ll very likely not get anything out of that. So, before you worry about knowing the ‘right’ people and such, focus on yourself. Be someone who others will want to know about rather than shamelessly throw yourself in front of someone asking for favours. That, my friend, is social suicide.

Ask A Better Question

It is most likely that we have either used or been at the receiving end of the following question – “What do you want to be/do in the future?”

Many of us will either give or receive a blank stare, a confused look or simply a shrug. This mind boggling question have succeeded in one thing though, stressing the person who receives the question even more. Yes, admittedly there are those who are well aware of their purpose and intention for the future. But to the majority who aren’t, don’t fret. Let that be our goal, to find our calling. In the meantime it doesn’t hurt to imprint in our minds images of successes. True, this does sound a little wacky but here’s the thing, our minds have been made as such that if it is given a direction to focus on, it will do its level best to get you to there. That special mechanism is not something only available to a selected few. So, unless you want to leave it to fate and not do anything about your future which has a higher chance of going downhill, you might want to take charge and feed your mind with images and ideas of success. If not much, at least you’ll have an idea on where to start.