SDR 1123: Teach People To Respect Your Time

We all know that our time is precious and that it is irreplaceable. However, very few of us treats it like so. We give it out freely like some cheap candy, attending to whoever requests for it at any given time, only to realise at the end of the day how that has left very little time for yourself and your goals. But even after realising that, most people repeat it all over again the next day. Until you learn to respect yourself, essentially that means your time, you will find yourself in the same cycle over and over again. To break out of it, you need to teach people to respect your time. Do not be afraid to say “no” and instead tell them when are the right timings for you. You might feel uncomfortable at first. That is only natural. Do it often enough and it will be like second nature.

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SDR 1122: If You Are Interested, Get Committed

Whatever it is that you want to achieve or are passionate about, stop wasting time by playing it small or “testing the water”. Instead, get committed. That is how you truly achieve anything in life. One could say that he or she is not sure if that is the right move but wants to experiment. While that is fair, you wouldn’t really get anything out of it, at least one that is of substance. How is it that something that is done half-heartedly gets a full assessment? It just does not make sense. If you are already interested, trust your instinct, go all out. Get committed. Your decision might work out for you or probably not. If the latter holds true, then you would not be left with any lingering thoughts of “should haves” and “could haves” to hold you back from moving forward.

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SDR 1121: No One Knows Enough To Be A Pessimist

Remember this, just because you think you know some things, that you are privy to insider knowledge or that you have a whole lot of abbreviations to your name or that you have a fancy grand title, does not mean that you know everything. Sure, you might claim yourself as an expert or that someone or some group of people may have given you that label but no one can know everything. For that reason alone, it just does not make any sense to be a pessimist because to do so requires a concrete proof, beyond a doubt to arrive to that conclusion. So if you cannot do that, then choose to be optimistic. Your life will certainly be more brighter and you never know what opportunities might arise because of that positive energy. Unless of course, you have an airtight case against it.

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SDR 1120: If You Are Stuck, Ask More Questions

The only way forward if you ever find yourself in the occasional rut, is to not stay still but to press on. It is very easy to be paralysed by the absence of not knowing what to do. That sick feeling of frustration welling up inside is not to be fed further. Stop dwelling in it or your incapability of moving from that situation and instead begin as quickly as you can to ask more questions. Vocalising these questions will set some egos ablaze but that is how you get out of the situation. It is okay to not know all the answers and be right all the time. It takes more courage to admit that you do not know something and ask about it. Those who are too tight-lipped to ask questions especially when they are stuck are simply catastrophes waiting to happen.

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SDR 1119: If You Can Help Others Be Successful, You Will Be Successful

Everybody have problems in their life. The size might differ but the bottom line is the same, we are all searching for solutions to our problems. If you can help to solve them, you might just be what they need. Perhaps you do not know what are other people’s problems, you feel shy and awkward to ask, so start with easy – ask yourself what are your problems. Have you got the solutions to them? If you do, you might find that other people could benefit from it too because problems are most of the time not exclusively gifted to only one particular person. So open your eyes and minds. Start to identify problems around you and think about what can be done to solve them. If you can help others be successful, you will be successful. It just a matter of time.

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SDR 1118: Loving Who You Really Are Should Be Made A Priority

You can love someone or something so much but in the end if you do not love yourself, who you really are, than you will always be left wanting, searching for more. The idea that love requires an external outlet is ingrained in a lot of us. It is unfortunate that many people have bought into that idea so they go out in the “search for love” be it through things or people. While that does fill a void, it is only temporary. What is needed is a conscious effort to love oneself. When a person loves who they really are, they will usually find themselves more confident and happy. It does not mean that everybody else needs to know what those are, as the priority is with one own self. So have coffee or tea with yourself and be honest. Figure out who are you really and work on embracing yourself for all that you are.

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SDR 1117: The Power Of Yet

To be successful is not easy. On one hand you need to work very hard and on the other, you need to reign in your mind, especially during its occasional negative outburst. We all want success. To succeed. And we want it now. Instantaneous. A magic pill. We do not want to wait. The faster the better. So when we find ourselves not achieving what we have set out to achieve, we put ourselves down and think of giving up. A wise person will say to have patience, be patient and that it will all work out. But you have no time for that. You want it now. So the only thing that you can do, is to put the magic word ‘yet’ in the statements you say to yourself. You do not want to be lying to yourself. But go ahead and put the word ‘yet’ at the end. Like this, “I am not where I want to be, yet”. Let this be your drive to work even harder till you eventually achieve what it is that you desire.

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