SDR 1058: Small Lies Are Like Viruses That Spread And Grow

People lie for many different reasons. Sometimes, they do so with the best of intentions. As ironic as that might seem, it usually starts out that way. The problem with lying is that once you have sowed the tiny seed of deceit, you will then find yourself in need to either water it frequently thereby encouraging its growth or nip it altogether therefore putting it to bed. And many would choose the former. It is “easier”. In their mind, it probably is the better option. This cycle is likely to repeat itself to a point where if found out, it will only cause tremendous pain due to its now enormous size. So beware of the temptation to take the easy way out. It might start out seemingly harmless. But it always has the potential to grow into something very harmful.

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You Don’t Need To Feel Vulnerable If You Aren’t

In most cases, vulnerability works like a charm when trying to get someone else’s attention. But remember this, you don’t want to feel vulnerable with yourself. Instead you want to be empowered. Powerful. If you are already that, then you don’t need to lower yourself down just so that you can get someone else’s attention. Own your power and run with it. Yes, you might not get many people to offer you help because they assume that you are very much capable yourself. So if you do want help, you need to ask for them. Let it be known that you need help. On things that you sincerely do. Not make something up just so that you can be ‘helped’. The reality is, if you continue to put yourself lower than what you really are, you will eventually become it. And I don’t think you want that.

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Stop Holding Back, Your Best Is Yet To Come

Have you ever held back or not give your hundred percent to something? You fear that if you were to give your all, then there will be nothing left to offer. Nothing left to look forward to. You feel that if you held back a little, then you could wow them later. You just give a little more than enough but not what you’re really capable of at that point in time. Here is a thought. What if I tell you that as long as you’re breathing and opening up yourself to new experiences, conversations and knowledge, as long as you are growing your self, your best will always be yet to come. So don’t worry. Stop holding back. Give your best at that moment in time. Be open to grow your self. You will then always have a new level ‘best’.

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Know What It Is That You Seek And Persist In The Pursuit Of It

Clarity is something that we all seek but very few people take the time to find it. It is quite unfortunate to see many simply exist and let life run its course. To those who pays attention to themselves, not just what is in the news or in trend, they are usually the ones who will make something great out of their lives. Spending time to get clear on your purpose in life is a great gift that you can give to yourself. And once you find it, keep going in the pursuit of it.

Know What It Is That You Seek And Persist In The Pursuit Of It - Success Daily Reminder (

Never Stop Believing

It might be that something had happened to you or someone you trusted had dissolved your self-esteem. No matter, keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever or whoever came at you has no power over you unless you allow it to. Remember that. Never stop believing. I know, it’ll be nice to have some support, especially from those whom you thought will give you that. But you need to be strong regardless. Because this is your life. And you decide what you want to do with it. If you want to let whatever that has happened or words to bring you down, that is your decision. Don’t go on crying or cursing how unfair the world is. You decided that you are going to be the victim. It might sound harsh but that is the truth. If you truly want something, never ever stop believing.

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You Are Your Own Glass Ceiling

It is never about what you have or the circumstances that you’re in. While they have in parts made you who you are today, your reality is and will continue to be what you decide it to be. That is the truth. Many successful people have came out of very difficult situations and are now thriving because they believed that they could. There are always talks about ceilings and the limit that one of a certain combination of background and experience would be able to only achieve but in the end, that is just an opinion. Or observation, based on statistics that are devoid of a person’s will and personal strength which are impossible to keep track as they vary from one to another. When it finally hits you that you are your own glass ceiling, the world is yours.

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There’s No Perfect Time, Just Get On With It

If you have something that you want to do, and you haven’t already for whatever reasons, there’s only one way around it – just get on with it. Often times we wait for that perfect time to occur only to realise that there will never be. So the next best thing that you can do for yourself is to get on with it. Start from wherever you are at. Take everything that happens as a part of your learning journey and get better. This might scare some people, especially those that have always meticulously plan their way throughout life. It is not to say that planning is bad, just that there’s only so much you can plan for. So if you really want something, do the necessary steps. Find out what they are. And then give it a go.

There's No Perfect Time, Just Get On With It - Success Daily Reminder (