#SDR 1326: Those Who Are Successful Did Not Know It All

Start. Do it. Go do whatever it is that you have been wanting to do. Do not fall into that trap where you say that you are a perfectionist therefore you need to get every bit of your plan in order before you actually start. If you are a perfectionist, I know this is scary indeed. But always bear in mind, those who are now successful, the people that you admire from afar, want to be like someday, most if not all did not know for sure if the path they had taken will lead them to where they are now today. Stop waiting for everything to be aligned, just start from wherever you are right now.


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#SDR 1312: Observe Your Inspiration

Having someone or a few of them that you look up to for guidance or inspiration is a good step in the right direction to success. They say that success leaves clues and therefore it is up to us to find out what they are and adopt them as our path of action. It is not enough to just listen to their speeches or interviews. You need to study them. Observe their life story. What time do they wake up? How do they eat? Do they exercise? How do they deal in difficult situations? What do they feed their minds with? What books do they read? The more you study and observe those that you admire, strive on inculcating the positive actions into your own life. Not before long, your life starts to change for the better. Keep at it and you will eventually get to your intended destination.


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#SDR 1311: Connect The Dots

If you want to have an edge in life or business, you need to stop whatever you have been doing thus far and take a step back for a moment. Go to a gathering or event that you are not used to or have ever been a part of. It would be great if it is a totally different industry altogether. When you are there, be curious and in the moment, absorbing all the things that you experience in that new environment. What this does is that it expands your mind to other avenues and ideas that can be implemented, adjusted and perhaps you would see opportunities of collaboration taking place with whatever you are doing right now. The more wide and different the industries or environments you are in, the robust your ideas will become. Weave those experiences and knowledge that you gather from the different environments and you will have a great edge to your peers and the public at large. You would see what other people miss. And you would also be able to think what most would not be able to.


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SDR 1127: “Learning Is A New Beginning We Can Give Ourselves Everyday”

If you want a new beginning, a new chance at life, learn. If you think that you are ready to leave behind your past, then start learning. It is a gift that enriches your life regardless of where you are in the journey. Read good books that increases your wellbeing. Speak to people who inspires you to live well. Go on an adventure that moves your heart. Learn at every step of the way. Have fun while you are doing it. Stimulate your mind.

Learning Is A New Beginning We Can Give Ourselves Everyday - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)

SDR 1058: Small Lies Are Like Viruses That Spread And Grow

People lie for many different reasons. Sometimes, they do so with the best of intentions. As ironic as that might seem, it usually starts out that way. The problem with lying is that once you have sowed the tiny seed of deceit, you will then find yourself in need to either water it frequently thereby encouraging its growth or nip it altogether therefore putting it to bed. And many would choose the former. It is “easier”. In their mind, it probably is the better option. This cycle is likely to repeat itself to a point where if found out, it will only cause tremendous pain due to its now enormous size. So beware of the temptation to take the easy way out. It might start out seemingly harmless. But it always has the potential to grow into something very harmful.

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Conformity Is A Poison

We are created as individuals with our own set of mind, thinking, beliefs, capabilities, skills, feelings and physicalities. However, due to the pressure of usually the power above us, in this case, our leaders or anyone that has control over our livelihood, we hide and sometimes even kill off that which makes us unique, to appease the status quo or the ‘powers that be’. This habit of conforming will start as a discomfort in the beginning. But after a while of doing so, that feeling will become significantly minor, of which it will in the end be insignificant and silent.

To be able to resist conforming, you need to have a clear understanding of who you are and what your beliefs are. And all that is left is for you to have some guts to stand your ground.

Different Kind Of Mediums Available To Promote Good

Promoting good need not be a boring affair. If only one were to explore the different kind of mediums available, be it either through the arts or sports, each of which has an array of platforms in its own. Truly, if you think that there is a better way to send out a message, just try it out. If you are stuck, think how would you like to receive it. That is always a good place to start.