SDR 1084: Push Yourself Beyond What You Think Is Possible

One of these days, you have to admit to yourself that you are the one that is holding yourself back. That you have played small, gave up and not pushed yourself enough. Other people can only do so much for you. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you are going to turn up the heat and get really uncomfortable. To be someone that you aspire to be, who is in a different league, you need to either do things differently or perhaps with more intensity than what you are used to. Only then, will it ever become a reality.

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You Gotta Love What You’re Doing

It does not matter if you are good at what you do or not. Although the former does help. It does not matter if you know how to make money off it or not. It does not even matter if you prefer black or white really. The most important thing that matters, is you gotta love what you’re doing. When you love doing it so much that you don’t care if you are paid or not, that is a good indicator to know your ‘calling’. This does not mean that ‘love is all you need’ and nothing else matters. But it is always a great place to start. Because when you love what you do, you will find whatever means necessary to make it work. You will stay up late longer, you will work on it much harder and smarter. All because you love what you do. Do not underestimate someone who is passionately in love with what they do. Because of the simple fact that they do so, they are much likely to achieve success beyond one’s comprehension.

you gotta love what you're doing (success daily reminder)

Go All In. Remove All Distractions.

When you are working on your goal, do yourself a favour and remove all distractions. The likelihood of you succeeding in your endeavour is co-related to your level of distractions. Willpower is often cited as a factor that contributes to one’s success. However, if you are working on losing weight, it makes the effort only harder when you know that your fridge is filled with your favourite desserts and your cupboards are filled with those delicious snacks. You need a strategy to win. You can’t just leave it up to sheer blind faith. It doesn’t work that way. You need to put in the work, not only the ones that have direct impact on your goal but also those indirect ones. Go all in. And be smart about it at the same time. Remove all distractions. Or as much as you possibly can.

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You Might Not Get A ‘Next Time’

There are some who live life and do things seventy five percent while entertaining the idea that they will do better next time. It might sound good to them when they tell it to themselves. But what happens when there is no second or third chance? What if that one time is the only chance that they’ve got, and they have let it go just like that? Well, that’s what happens when you think that life and time will wait on you. Be careful of that. It is a tempting idea, one that has fool and deceive many. Do not let yourself be con by that same thought. Whatever you do, give it all you got. Because who knows if you might still be around long enough for that elusive ‘next time’.

Consistently Work Hard. Not Just Till You Get Your Goal

The path to success is usually attained with being consistent. At the right things of course. And working hard is synonymous with attaining success. But the idea that you should work hard till you achieve your goal should be revisited. Well, more like extended. The thing about achieving a goal is that after you have checked it off your list, then what? It is not like your life has come to an end. And if you have lots of energy left, it has to be channeled to somewhere. So the idea of working hard should perhaps be a part of a personal brand. Your personal brand. Someone who consistently works hard. Regardless. Once that sticks, you are on your way to many more successes in life. It is simple logic. Who would you rather work with, someone who consistently works hard, or as and when there is something in it for that person?

Own Your 24 Hours

We all got the same amount of time. Be it Oprah, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, you or me. What differentiates the level of success that we all have is not how much time we have but how we use it. Very few people actually own their time. They allow other people to take control of it to benefit them first. But you know that the one who owns their own time, are those who are the most successful. You can be one of them too. But you need to put an end to those time thieves. Those that take you away from being productive and getting you to the best version of yourself. Own your life. Own your 24 hours.

Be On Time

If you want to be taken seriously, if you want your spot at the big leagues, you need to be on time. Because you better believe that there are others out there who want what you want and are going to do whatever it takes to get it. So if you have the habit of coming or being late, then you are just killing your chances. You are robbing yourself of the chance to be successful. Do not let those people who comes late to meetings or events and are seemingly successful fool you. They must have paid the price earlier in their lives. And only now are they taking a ‘break’. But what you must do now is to practise and try really hard to be on time; at your meetings, future events, etc. Make it so that it is a part of you so when a time comes where being on time will make or break it for you, you are ready to own it.